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He was a German en­gi­neer, the first mo­torcy­clist and first pi­lot of a mo­tor­boat, crea­tor of Mer­ce­des cars and foun­der

of the deluxe brand that carries his sur­na­me. Wil­helm Maybach was the right hand of Gottlieb Daim­ler, the maker of a sma­ller, fas­ter and mo­re powerful four-stro­ke en­gi­ne. Wil­helm Maybach was born in Heil­bronn (184), his fat­her was a car­pen­ter and his mot­her was a hou­se­wi­fe. He was left an orp­han at the age of 1 and was ta­ken in by a phi­lanth­ro­pic ins­ti­tu­tion. Sin­ce he sho­wed in­ter­est for tech­ni­cal mat­ters, Wil­helm Maybach was sent to the en­gi­nee­ring workshop and he was 15 years old when he be­gan to study In­dus­trial Design. In No­vem­ber 1885, Daim­ler ins­ta­lled his en­gi­ne in a woo­den bicy­cle (the first mo­torcy­cle) and Maybach tes­ted it in a  km area and cloc­ked 12 km/h. In 1888, he launched the first airs­hip with an en­gi­ne and, in 1889, the ma­de the first Daim­ler car. Wil­helm Maybach pas­sed away in 192 and his son Karl

Maybach con­ti­nued his work.

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