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AIn the la­te 1990s, Po­pe John Paul 2nd paid a his­to­ric vi­sit to Cu­ba. Fat­her Oso­rio had de­ci­ded to re­ti­re af­ter that event and, among ot­her things, he tried to sell his Ply­mouth

Belvedere 1956. He had been the car’s only ow­ner and was loo­king for so­me­body to ap­pre­cia­te it and ta­ke good ca­re of it, thus than­king so many years

of lo­yal ser­vi­ce.

Al­most in a mi­racu­lous way, the word ca­me to Ra­mon­ci­to, as Ra­mon Ven­tu­ra is po­pu­larly known. He was wor­king in a car works­hop –he is a me­cha­nic en­gi­neer– near Fat­her Oso­rio’s church and he saw that the car was in per­fect con­di­tion, sin­ce the good au­ra had kept it away from ac­ci­dents, co­rro­sion and mis­for­tu­ne. As a tri­bu­te, Ra­mon­ci­to still has the stic­ker pas­ted by the Fat­her during the Po­pe’s vi­sit. For­tu­na­tely, this car had a pea­ce­ful li­fe –even a pa­ro­chial li­fe– and it la­ter fell in­to the hands of a

vin­ta­ge car lo­ver, who ac­tually im­pro­ved it.

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