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lt­hough the­re we­re scooter mo­torcy­cles be­fo­re

WII, the mo­del’s sprea­ding took pla­ce in

the se­cond half of the

1940s. ost war eco­nomy re­qui­red trans­por­ta­tion and this two-wheel vehi­cle

was one of the many so­lu­tions. co­oters we­re mul­ti­plied for both work

and lei­su­re ti­me. Though Ves­pa (Ita­lian term for Wasp) was the most po­pu­lar scooter at the ti­me, prac­ti­cally all brands ma­de their own scooter mo­del. It’s in­ter­es­ting to see how such tra­di­tio­nal ma­kers of sports mo­torcy­cles as KTM, Triumph, BMW, Du­ca­ti, MV Agus­ta, Bul­ta­co and Har­ley-Da­vid­son, among ot­hers, tried to pe­ne­tra­te this mar­ket ni­che, which

as way different from theirs.

Not all of them ma­de it, but they we­re fo­cu­sed on this mar­ket ni­che in the 1950s and 60s. This is the ca­se of our guest: Mo­to Guzzi’s Galletto. Car­lo Guzzi de­sig­ned the Galletto mo­del by him­self in 1950, by com­bi­ning mo­torcy­cle and scooter in­gre­dients: bi­ke-style 17-si­ze rims and hand­le­bars, scooter-li­ke pro­tec­ting tam­bou­ri­nes and feet plat­form, with en­gi­ne and

gear­box. A hy­brid.

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