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VOLKS­WA­GEN GROUP, ES­PE­CIALLY ITS FLAGS­HIP BRAND, IS WOR­KING HARD IN THE U.S. MAR­KET. THAT IS THE REASON WHY IT HAS DEVELOPED A MO­DEL FO­CU­SED ON THAT COUNTRY’S PREFERENCES. PIC­KUP TRUCKS HA­VE BEEN LONG USED BY YOUNGSTERS TO CARRY THEIR BI­KES AND SMALL BOATS, AS WELL AS SMALL EN­TRE­PRE­NEURS THAT USE THEM TO MO­VE TOOLS AND TRANS­PORT THEIR FA­MILY. With the aim set on that mar­ket ni­che, Volks­wa­gen in­tro­du­ces a pro­toty­pe with a 5.44 m-long, 1.84 m-high and 2.03 m-wi­de pic­kup body. Alt­hough it is big­ger than Ama­rok, it is in­clu­ded in the midd­le ran­ge of trucks mar­ke­ted in the Uni­ted Sta­tes. Any­way, Volks­wa­gen Atlas Tanoak is an ex­ce­llent exam­ple of the Ger­man car­ma­ker’s new pic­kup trucks. As a cu­rious ele­ment, we can men­tion that Volks­wa­gen’s new pic­kup, Tanoak, is a tree that grows on the Pa­ci­fic Ocean coast of North Ame­ri­ca and can go up to 45 m.

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