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The am­bas­sador of the Nether­lands has de­nied me­dia re­ports that the di­rect trade reg­u­la­tion has been aban­doned due to Greek Cypriot op­po­si­tion, while in mar­ket news for­eign funds are re­ported to have bought about 1 mln Bank of Cyprus shares through the Athens bourse, the Fi­nan­cial Mir­ror re­ported in is­sue 591, on Oc­to­ber 20, 2004.

Max Gev­ers, the Am­bas­sador of the Nether­lands which holds the EU ro­tat­ing pres­i­dency, de­nied re­ports by state broad­caster CyBC that mem­ber states had given up try­ing to in­tro­duce pref­er­en­tial trade sta­tus for Turk­ish Cypri­ots through the di­rect

Cyprus and Le­banon aim tp boost trade and po­lit­i­cal ties by lifting visa re­stric­tions, the Cyprus Fi­nan­cial Mir­ror re­ported in is­sue 82, on Oc­to­ber 26, 1994, while world­wide newsprint price rises of 25% were ex­pected to have a 5-10c im­pact on lo­cal news­pa­pers.

Cyprus and Le­banon agreed to boost re­la­tions and trade co­op­er­a­tion fol­low­ing a three-day visit by For­eign Min­is­ter Fares Bouez, ac­com­p0anied by a trade del­e­ga­tion. One of the many agree­ments signed in­cludes scrap­ping of visas byu Cypriot na­tion­als who can now get one upon ar­rival at Beirut air­port, see­ing as

cents. trade reg­u­la­tion, with sug­ges­tions that the is­sue of fi­nan­cial aid had been de­cou­pled.

For­eign funds based in Greece and other Euro­pean coun­tries are re­ported to have bought at least 1 mln shares of Bank of Cyprus through the Athens Stock Ex­change push­ing the stock to EUR 2.41/CYP 1.39, prob­a­bly due to a favourable cli­mate re­gard­ing small bank­ing stocks.

A record 5,500 Cypri­ots are be­lieved to be cur­rently study­ing at the univer­si­ties in the UK, up from 4,000 last year, tak­ing ad­van­tage of EU ac­ces­sion and Cypri­ots pay­ing ‘lo­cal’ fees of GBP 1,150 for un­der­grad­u­ate de­grees and 3,000 for grad­u­ate cour­ses. As of 2006, UK univer­sity fees are ex­pected to rise to GBP 3,000.

Tourist ar­rivals were up 5.6% in Septem­ber at 303,506 from the year ear­lier, but lower than the 305,926 seen in Au­gust, with the year to date Le­banese na­tion­als al­ready visas at Lar­naca air­port.

SCA and Modo, the two largest Swedish pa­per man­u­fac­tur­ers an­nounced a 25% in­crease in con­ti­nen­tal Euro­pean newsprint costs by the end of the year, with Cyprus pub­lish­ers ex­pected to raise cover prices from 30 cents to 35 or 40



Cyprus-based ‘brass plate’ Rus­sian off­shore com­pa­nies have once again been ac­cused of be­ing used by so-called Rus­sian mafia net­works to pen­e­trate western fi­nan­cial sys­tems with the ob­ject of laun­der­ing their il­licit cash, the Fi­nan­cial Times re­ported. The on-trans­fers are mainly headed to Switzer­land, while the break-up of the Soviet Union has brought in its wake a huge flight of cap­i­tal to the west

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