“Even the most stal­wart sup­port­ers of Euro­pean in­te­gra­tion feel a deep sense of na­tional pride in their own coun­tries”

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Brus­sels’ dou­ble stan­dards.

The EU was not built to cre­ate a lib­eral demo­cratic Europe. That was just its ide­o­log­i­cal rai­ment. The EU was cre­ated to tie Ger­many’s hands be­hind its back (and to tie Ger­many’s and France’s hands to­gether) so that the Con­ti­nent wouldn’t rip it­self apart as it had in World War I and World War II.

Coun­tries like Poland are not will­ing to cede sovereignty to an in­sti­tu­tion that has no rea­son to care about them, other than a sheet of pa­per that says it should. Why would Poland want to leave its fate in the hands of a com­mit­tee con­sti­tuted by very few Poles that largely dis­counts Poland from its de­ci­sion-mak­ing? Rightly or wrongly, Poland speaks for Poland, and Pol­ish vot­ers hold the Pol­ish govern­ment ac­count­able for how well it speaks for them.

The no­bil­ity of the EU’s dream does not have to die with the EU. Peace is never an eter­nal state of af­fairs, but per­haps it will last longer if coun­tries treat each other as they are, and not as they would want them to be. Per­haps not. The only thing that is cer­tain is that the fu­ture of Europe will be de­fined as it al­ways has been: by de­ci­sions made in Lon­don, Paris, Ber­lin, Warsaw, Bu­dapest, Bel­grade, Rome and other na­tional cap­i­tals.

The EU may is­sue as many state­ments as it wishes, and no doubt will threaten to throw all the ar­ti­cles of the Maas­tricht Treaty at Euro­pean coun­tries of whom its bu­reau­cratic in­sti­tu­tions do not ap­prove. Poland is the tar­get now. That’s be­cause Poland is chang­ing Europe’s bal­ance of power whether Brus­sels ap­proves or not, and no amount of in­dig­na­tion, whether jus­ti­fied or not, about Pol­ish ju­di­cial re­forms can stop that train.

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