‘So­lu­tion will ben­e­fit both sides’

Financial Mirror (Cyprus) - - COMMENT -

“On the con­trary, a clear so­lu­tion with a vi­sion would al­low Cyprus to un­der­take and de­velop its own in­de­pen­dent role for the EU and its neigh­bours with the rel­e­vant re­wards,” Pho­ti­ades said, ad­ding that the re­cent finds of hy­dro­car­bons could trans­form it into one of the rich­est na­tions in the world, with some ben­e­fits even trick­ling back to the two guar­an­tor pow­ers, Greece and Tur­key, in­stead of bur­den­ing them, as is the case to­day.

How­ever, he warned that the two lead­ers, as well as the Turk­ish Cypri­ots in gen­eral, “who are also vic­tims of the Turk­ish oc­cu­pa­tion”, should not dis­re­gard some his­tor­i­cal facts, such as the Ni­hat Erim plan de­vised in the 1950s for the com­plete oc­cu­pa­tion of the is­land, which con­sti­tute the pil­lars of Turk­ish pol­icy on the Cyprus is­sue.

“These re­ports con­tinue to be the ba­sis of Ah­met Davu­to­glu’s dogma, as ap­pears with fa­nati­cism in the ‘deep state’. For a proper so­lu­tion to the Cyprus prob­lem to get un­der­way, Tur­key must un­equiv­o­cally de­clare that it has aban­doned its am­bi­tions and with­draw its troops and set­tlers,” Pho­ti­ades said. He added that the oc­ca­sional talk among Tur­key’s lead­ers for a quick so­lu­tion, even within 2015, is not ac­com­pa­nied by any spe­cific com­mit­ment for any with­drawal, which sug­gests that Tur­key wants a so­lu­tion based on its own terms.

“This is a golden op­por­tu­nity that should not be lost by the two com­mu­nity lead­ers. A so­lu­tion should en­sure full in­de­pen­dence and long-term se­cu­rity. This is the only way that all the res­i­dents of this is­land will even­tu­ally en­joy growth and pros­per­ity,” Pho­ti­ades con­cluded.

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