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The KTTO of­fi­cial said that an­other fac­tor tak­ing its toll on trade be­tween the two com­mu­ni­ties is the prej­u­dice against prod­ucts from the north.

“This is a prob­lem, es­pe­cially for Turk­ish Cypri­ots. There is a lot of pres­sure ex­erted on Greek Cypri­ots who buy prod­ucts from the north, and as a re­sult, a lot of busi­nesses choose not to stock their shelves with Turk­ish Cypriot prod­ucts.”

“Just the other day, we saw a big order for pota­toes be­ing can­celled as the Greek Cypriot buyer could not with­stand the pres­sure from the so­ci­ety and has de­clared that he will no

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