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Wmea­ninds of chan­ge in Ecua­dor a new com­mit­ment to the fu­tu­re of each one of us. Our im­ple­men­ta­tion of a new ma­na­ge­ment model is ta­king our com­pany in new di­rec­tions. The ty­pe of cor­po­ra­te go­ver­nan­ce that we are im­ple­men­ting is ba­sed on part­ne­ring with the go­vern­ment, in­clu­ding stra­te­gic coor­di­na­tion with the Exe­cu­ti­ve Branch and ac­ti­vely lis­te­ning to our fe­llow ci­ti­zens. Our fun­da­men­tal mis­sion is to fos­ter for our em­plo­yees a lo­ve for their work, and for the ci­ti­zens of this country, lo­ca­ted in all parts of our great land, na­tio­nal pri­de for a sta­te-ow­ned com­pany. TAME EP is a pri­me exam­ple of how an en­ter­pri­se can be tur­ned around using a new model of bu­si­ness im­pro­ve­ment ai­med at ef­fi­ciency, pro­fi­ta­bi­lity and trans­pa­rency. We ha­ve ma­na­ged to re­or­ga­ni­ze the com­pany’s lia­bi­li­ties and im­pro­ved pun­ctua­lity in its ope­ra­tions. The na­tio­nal air­li­ne is one of the com­pa­nies in which we ha­ve most hea­vily in­ves­ted. We are proud to re­port that it ne­ver fai­led to meet tech­ni­cal and pro­fes­sio­nal stan­dards in terms of ser­vi­ce and qua­lity. We ha­ve ma­de a com­mit­ment to the country, and abo­ve all, to the eco­nomy, jobs, in­no­va­tion and en­tre­pre­neurs­hip, all of which we know Ecua­dor is fully ca­pa­ble. We un­ders­tand that we are ac­coun­ta­ble to the peo­ple of Ecua­dor, which the reason we gua­ran­tee trans­pa­rency in our work.

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