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How much do you spend on cig­a­rettes? Is your con­sump­tion in­flu­enced by the ris­ing price?

I spend around LE 700 a month on cig­a­rettes. I don't think I’ll change my smok­ing habits just be­cause the price of a pack goes up. Even if the govern­ment dou­bles the cost, I won’t smoke less than my cur­rent pack-a-day or switch to a cheaper brand. Smok­ing is my one in­dul­gence, and thank­fully I have a good job to pay for it.

Ahmed Salah, 47, mar­ket­ing ex­ec­u­tive

I don't know how much I spend on smok­ing; when­ever I find money in my pocket, I buy a cig­a­rette or two—I can't af­ford to buy a whole pack. I al­ways buy the cheap­est cig­a­rettes I can find. In my bud­get, it's a pri­or­ity sim­i­lar to food. I some­times smoke when I am with friends, but it's not the same fix as cig­a­rettes. There is al­ways a cig­a­rette that is cheap enough.

Taha Ab­del Salam, 52, street­side shoe pol­isher

I smoke a LE-50 at the end of a long work day, or if I go out with friends on the week­end. I think over­all I spend LE 500 to LE 600 a month. I will oc­ca­sion­ally smoke a cig­a­rette if a friend of­fers one, but I never buy them. I think I will con­tinue to smoke even if the price goes up, be­cause I do it to re­lax when I’m with friends. I never get the urge to go out and smoke, un­less it's been a re­ally bad day at work and I want a re­lease from the neg­a­tiv­ity and ex­haus­tion.

Re­ham Fahim, 37, of­fice man­ager

I am try­ing to quit, be­cause the re­cent price in­creases have been too much. It’s like the govern­ment wants to pun­ish us for smok­ing. I used to spend over LE 1,000 a month; now it's more like LE 700 and go­ing down. It’s not that I don't have the money, it’s just the idea of pay­ing LE 25 for a pack that gets fin­ished in one day. The more ex­pen­sive it gets, the more likely I am to quit al­to­gether.

Salwa Go­har, 35, ar­chi­tect

I am bipo­lar when it comes to cig­a­rettes. Right now, I am smok­ing this fancy new elec­tronic cig­a­rette as a way to help me stop smok­ing. But I know that by next week, I will be smok­ing two packs a day. Then I will most likely re­duce my con­sump­tion to­ward the end of the month, be­cause I don't have enough money. In the last few days, when I don't have any cash left to spare, I go back to smok­ing the e-cig­a­rette. I don't think I will change my habit just be­cause prices keep go­ing up.

Dina Waleed, 35, ar­chi­tect

Be­tween cig­a­rettes and I am sure I spend over LE 500 a month. Smok­ing at work helps me think, so I won’t stop buy­ing cig­a­rettes if they get more ex­pen­sive. I won’t down­grade ei­ther, be­cause it’s im­por­tant for my brain and busi­ness that I smoke good qual­ity cig­a­rettes.

Yassin Ga­mal, 31, busi­ness owner

Even though I smoke a lot, I don't pay for them. I just bum them from peo­ple. I re­ally don't care about the brand. On my salary, I can't af­ford to buy a pack ev­ery day, even of the cheap­est kind. is much more af­ford­able, and at the start of the month, I go for a smoke af­ter work.

Mo­hamed Rashed, 56, civil ser­vant

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