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The prob­lem with restor­ing old Land Rovers is that it’s a slip­pery slope once you’ve em­barked NM SGD OQNIDBS. 3@ JD ,@ C ,@ W ENQ HMRS@ MBD, LX NKC DHRBN 1. 6D G@ UD ADDM SNFDSGDQ ENQ fiUD or six years now. Not long in Land Rover terms, mind, but long enough for us to have shared RN L@ MX @ CUDMSTQDR SNFDSGDQ SG@ S ( ITRS B@ M’S RSNO fiWHMF GDQ. ( G@ UD KD@ MS @ F@ HMRS GDQ VGDDKR, @ CLHQHMF MHFGS RJHDR HM -@ LHAH@, B@ LODC @ KNMFRHCD @ QHUDQ SDDLHMF VHSG SHFDQ fiRG HM SGD Caprivi; spent one of the best nights of my life ( jam­mer SWAMBO) on the deck of the Kariba ferry mak­ing our way north­wards en route to Malawi. The ferry gen­tly chugged up the most amaz­ing water­way in the world, with Mad Max wedged be­tween an as­sort­ment of ve­hi­cles, while I im­bibed a few too many gin and ton­ics; you know … in case of malaria. Mad Max was never in­tended to be an ex­pe­di­tion ve­hi­cle, her V8i mo­tor is just too thirsty, @ KSGNTFG GDQ QHCD HR RSHKK fiQRS BK@ RR. 2GD V@ R MDUDQ HMSDMCDC SN AD B@ KKDC ,@ C ,@ W DHSGDQ, @ M odd name for the old girl by any terms. Our 2012 trip was spon­sored, and the old Landy was in­con­gru­ously wrapped in matt black as part of the spon­sor’s liv­ery. As the black went on, one of the chaps at Rocket Signs re­marked on how she looked just like Mad Max ( af­ter the postapoc­a­lyp­tic Mel Gib­son movie) and the name sort of stuck. To her credit, Mad Max didn’t miss a beat that en­tire trip, cov­er­ing nearly 10 000 km in just 17 days. She achieved her lat­est in­car­na­tion this week, this time with a few en­gine mods to help HMBQD@ RD SNQPTD @ MC GNODETKKX KNVDQ ETDK BNMRTLOSHNM. 6D STQMDC SN NTQ EQHDMCR @ S / NVDQflNV DWG@ TRSR ENQ MDV AQ@ MBGDR @ MC @ EQDD flNV DWG@ TRS RXRSDL. (’ L MNS RTQD HE VD’UD @ BGHDUDC SGD torque we were look­ing for. We’ve en­tered the Gabriel Night Chal­lenge as a shake- down for the mod, so we’ll let you know. But there is one cer­tainty, that V8’ s growl sure sounds sexy. Mad Max’s new job at Land Rover AFRICA mag­a­zine is one of brand am­bas­sador. Look out for her at the var­i­ous Land Rover events around the coun­try – you’ll recog­nise her by her growl and her new Cooper rub­ber. Some might call spend­ing R100k over the years on a ve­hi­cle with a book value of R40k a sign of in­san­ity. But those are peo­ple who have never counted them­selves part of the Land Rover fam­ily. It’s Women’s Month and I thor­oughly en­joyed read­ing through all of our read­ers’ sub­mis­sions about how our lady Landy lovers saved their bet­ter halves. Great job ladies. Please read our SWAMBO ( She Who Al­ways Must Be Obeyed) sto­ries this month for a taste of what I’m talk­ing about. LRA’s Ian Theron took a group of old Se­ries Landys up the West Coast on an epic ad­ven­ture. Read all about their adventures on page 22. I speak on be­half of the en­tire Land Rover AFRICA team when I say how grate­ful we are for the en­cour­age­ment and sup­port we have re­ceived from our read­ers. Sub­scrip­tions are com­ing in EQNL @ KK NUDQ SGD VNQKC @ MC VD @ QD FQ@ SH­fiDC @ S SGD QDRONMRD. We hope you en­joy this is­sue of Land Rover AFRICA as much as we en­joyed putting it all to­gether for you.

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