Rhino poach­ing, the facts:

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VHKK SN SaJD aBSHNn frNL SGD MNYaLAHBan Gov­ern­ment. . nD RNKTSHNn OTS fNrVarC HR SN KNAAy C( 3E2 to al­low con­trolled and le­gal trade in rhino horn. It is con­tro­ver­sial but there are tons of horns in gov­ern­ment stor­age. Th­ese horns could be pro­cessed and sold in small con­tain­ers to the over­seas mar­ket at cheap prices. Farm­ers could be en­cour­aged to breed rhino in a sus­tain­able man­ner. Rhino horn could be har­vested from live an­i­mals Ay fiKHnF RLaKK aLNTnSR frNL DaBG anHLaK DvDry RDaRNn anC SGD fiKDC GNrnR VHKK FrNV again in time for the next har­vest. If we can flNNC SGD LarJDS VHSG BGDaO GNrn, SGD vaKTD will drop and it would cause the trade to BNKKaORD. 6D’rD JDDn SN GDar VGaS yNT SGHnJ, please leave a com­ment on our FB page.

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