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) NGM L@ HMF’R KNUD @ ff@ HQ VHSG L@ MC 1NUDQR started sev­eral years ago dur­ing a visit to the Bavi­aan­skloof. He bought a Jur­gens Nff- QN@ C B@ Q@ U@ M @ MC SNVDC HS SGQNTFG SGD Bavi­aan­skloof with his 4x2 Nis­san Hard Body King Cab. This trip made him re­alise that a 4x2 can’t keep up with a 4x4, and he barely made it through the kloof. John de­cided to sell the Nis­san and buy a Land Rover Dis­cov­ery Td5. He also joined the Land Rover club and at­tended a cou­ple of out­ings. “I en­joyed the trips, but re­alised that th­ese trips cost me money as there was al­ways some miss­ing Tup­per­ware that had to be re­placed. Also, driv­ing a ve­hi­cle over a cou­ple of ob­sta­cles can be ex­cit­ing, but SGD MNUDKSX PTHBJKX VNQD Nff,” ) NGM R@ HC. HD con­sid­ers him­self more of a me­chanic than a driver and rather his tal­ents lie with be­ing @ AKD SN QDO@ HQ RSTff SG@ M CQHUHMF. ) NGM LDS @ cou­ple of guys in the club who had Se­ries Land Rovers, and they re­ally caught his fancy. He wanted one. In need of a new chal­lenge, John came across ‘ Old Groe­nie’, a 1957 Se­ries I Landy with a 2.25- litre en­gine, which at that stage was red and set­tling into re­tire­ment. See­ing the po­ten­tial, John picked it up for R2 000 less than the sell­ing price. He took the Landy home and dis­man­tled it to the last nut and bolt. “My rea­son­ing was that should I start and re­alise that it wasn’t VNQSG SGD Df­fNQS, ( BNTKC @ KV@ XR KN@ C HS TO and dump it. How­ever, it didn’t work out that way. I started spend­ing money on it, @ MC SGD LNQD ( RODMS, SGD LNQD CHf­fiBTKS HS be­came to give up.” Eight months and plenty of sweat later, John re­built the old Se­ries I Landy to per­fect work­ing con­di­tion, and it has brought him im­mense joy. How­ever, this story came with a rather pe­cu­liar twist. John de­cided to set­tle in Paten­sie, and wanted to build an un­con­ven­tional home. “I’ve al­ways wanted to build a tim­ber frame home, but they’re not with­out their draw­backs. Search­ing the In­ter­net, I came across log homes. Roy Trem­bath was run­ning a course on build­ing log homes in Wilder­ness and I signed up. I then set about buy­ing 100 eu­ca­lyp­tus logs ( 12 m long and weigh­ing 700 kg each). But I strug­gled with how to han­dle them. I con­sid­ered a crane but cal­cu­lated that it would cost too much. So I de­vised another plan,” John said. EUDMST@ KKX, ) NGM CDBHCDC SN fiS @ BQ@ MD SN SGD back of the Landy. He bought a De­fender winch, used some hy­draulic cylin­ders and, hey presto, a self- con­tained Land Rover­slash- crane ve­hi­cle was born! John was now us­ing his Landy as an im­ple­ment and had to JDDO SGD QD@ Q / 3. ( ONVDQ S@ JD- Nff) EQDD SN fiS a bush cut­ter. “The Landy is now in Paten­sie and has proven to be an in­dis­pens­able piece of equip­ment. So far I have re­lo­cated all 100 logs and started build­ing our house to a height of four logs. In the mean­time, I’ve ac­quired another Se­ries II Landy which I am re­build­ing and should be mo­bile in about three months,” John con­cluded.

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