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The ru­mours abound – and the ques­tions LNTnS. HDrD, aS Land Rover AFRICA LaFaYHnD, VD arD DDfDnCDr BraYy. 2TrD SGDy’rD NKC- RBGNNK. 8DR, SGDy CN TRD LNrD jTHBD SGan LNRS. BTS yNT JnNV VGaS? 6D’vD had some of our best Land Rover ex­pe­ri­ences in our De­fend­ers. Of course there’s newer tech. When we took our team and key ac­counts folk on a Land Rover ladies day ex­pe­ri­ence re­cently ( pg. 16) all of the ladies found the De­fender a bit hard- core when com­pared to the more mod­ern ve­hi­cles in the Land Rover line up. But isn’t that why we love them? There are four ques­tions we’d re­ally like to have the an­swers to; Is the cur­rent Land Rover De­fender shape about to change; Will SGD BTr­rDnS DDfDnCDr GavD a KHfD OaRS 2017; ( f there is a new De­fender in the pipe­line will it AD ATHKS Nn a DHRBN 4 BGaRRHR; anC Hf HS HR SN AD OGaRDC NTS, VHKK HS AD rDOKaBDC Ay SGD DC100 we’ve seen pic­tures of in the me­dia? We thought we’d clear this up for our rDaCDrR, RN VD OTS SGDRD PTDRSHNnR SN LanC Rover. And we’re left as much in the dark as ever. BBNrCHnF SN LanC 1NvDr UK, SGDy VanS SN HnBrDaRD SGDHr LarJDS RGarD Hn ETrNOD anC re- in­vest in the largely un­tapped Amer­i­can mar­ket by boost­ing their model range with six­teen new prod­ucts by 2020. Now this Lay AD FNNC nDVR, aR SGDrD HR a ONRRHAKD line up of six new De­fend­ers in­clud­ing the DC100 as a sep­a­rate model. The ru­mours are that while the DC100 will be KaTnBGDC Hn 2015, SGD DDfDnCDr VHKK RSay Hn OrNCTBSHNn, LayAD TnSHK 2020 Nr KNnFDr and will al­most cer­tainly be man­u­fac­tured in In­dia. So our ad­vice is not to panic and rush out to buy the last De­fender on the planet jTRS yDS. 3GHR HBNn VHKK, Hn aKK OrNAaAHKHSy, RSHKK AD arNTnC fNr RNLD SHLD SN BNLD, anC DvDn Hf SGD VNrRS RBD­narHN GaOODnR, SGDrD will al­ways be some­one man­u­fac­tur­ing De­fender parts for many years af­ter the KaRS vDGHBKD rNKKR Nff SGD RGNVrNNL flNNr. . n SGD NSGDr GanC, RGNTKCn’S VD AD aRJHnF our­selves if it wouldn’t be nice to drive a ‘ new’ De­fender; one with­out the road noise and the rat­tles? We’ll keep you posted.

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