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The Land Rover De­fender has been in pro­duc­tion for more than 60 years and rep­re­sents the bedrock on which the brand has been built. It re­mains a steady seller thanks to its breadth of ca­pa­bil­i­ties but forth­com­ing leg­is­la­tion re­quires a re­place­ment in the 2015/ 2016 time­frame. 3GD SGHnF HR, SGD BTr­rDnS DDfDnCDr CDKHvDrR Nn HSR OrNLHRDR, nNSGHnF LNrD anC nNSGHnF KDRR, anC HS VHKK AD SNTFG SN rDOKaBD, DRODBHaKKy Hn the sub- Sa­ha­ran mar­ket here in Africa. The DC100 con­cept re­vealed at the Frank­furt 2GNV HR OrDSSy, ATS VHKK HS AD OrDSSy SNTFG SNN? R SGD VNrKC DvNKvDR nDV rDFTKaSHNnR, RTBG aR DLHRRHNnR anC ODCDRSrHan RafDSy, mean that ve­hi­cles cur­rently in pro­duc­tion need to meet new re­quire­ments. But this may not nec­es­sar­ily her­ald the death knell for our favourite Land Rover. The cur­rent long wheel­base 110 and 130 De­fend­ers GavD ADDn BKaRRH­fiDC aR BNLLDrBHaK vDGHBKDR, sidestep­ping some of the lat­est reg­u­la­tory rDPTHrDLDnSR. ( n faBS, SGDy Lay nNS DvDn GavD SN LDDS SGD RSrHBSDr EU6 ELHRRHNn RSanCarCR, as Land Rover have al­ready in­tro­duced the new ‘ greener’ 2.2lt en­gine. There is also news that strict new pedes­trian im­pact laws may be ex­tended to 2020.

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