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It’s named Matilda af­ter the lit­tle girl we never had.

Where has it been?

Cur­rently, we’re em­bark­ing on a world over­land trip, which in­cludes some sea cross­ings in a con­tainer. The en­tire trip will take two years or more and we’ve trav­elled ex­ten­sively from Europe to Africa. We’ve com­pleted most of South Amer­ica, and have trav­elled through a to­tal of 38 coun­tries thus far. We’re cur­rently in Ecuador.

What’s your dream desti­na­tion?

2Nfi@, ! TKF@ QH@ ( RG@ LD NM SGDL ENQ CNHMF it wrong). Need­less to say, the dealer in Damascus had no parts as the 300 Tdi is il­le­gal in Syria. They also didn’t know how to fiW HS. ESDQ @ EDV SQHOR SN SGD AK@ BJ L@ QJDS, I man­aged to re­place two rock­ers, a crank pul­ley and set up the tim­ing. That night, the L@ BGHMD FTM fiQD @ MC 1/ GR FNS PTHSD BKNRD and three days later, we de­parted as fast as we could. We left just in time as Syria closed a few weeks later.

What do you pack for a long jour­ney?

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