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My De­fender has a squeaky steer­ing wheel. I have re­moved the sponge cover off the steer­ing wheel and re­moved the nut. No mat­ter how hard I pull I can­not get it to budge. Do I need a spe­cial puller or is there some­thing else I should re­move? – Johnny ( West coast) ed – This is com­mon with all older De­fend­ers. First loosen the six bolts hold­ing the plas­tic shroud around the steer­ing col­umn. Push the shroud as far as you can to­wards the dash and while hold­ing it there tighten the screws. If this does not help then you will have to re­move the steer­ing wheel. Loosen the nut un­til it is flush with the end of the thread. Sit be­hind the wheel and press as hard as you can with your knees against the steer­ing wheel and give the nut a good smack with a ny­lon mal­let. This should loosen the steer­ing wheel off the flange. Once you have re­moved the steer­ing wheel file away the ridge on the plas­tic shroud. Prob­lem solved.

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