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Dear Reader,

We are be­yond ex­cited. You see, although we are pri­mar­ily mag­a­zine pub­lish­ers (ac­tu­ally we have be­come quite good at host­ing events and shoot­ing TV too) we are also busy pub­lish­ing two books. Not just any books ei­ther. One is a cof­fee ta­ble type col­lec­tor’s item for our friends at Jaguar Land Rover South Africa, where we are pre­serv­ing for pos­ter­ity some of the in­cred­i­ble ad­ven­tures and some down­right hi­lar­i­ous sto­ries our De­fender-driv­ing read­ers have shared with us over the years. If you have not yet sub­mit­ted your De­fender story, I urge you to e-mail an­ton@landy­ with your sub­mis­sion. Re­mem­ber not ev­ery story will make it into print (we have re­ceived lit­er­ally hun­dreds of sub­mis­sions) but we will care­fully con­sider your story and pho­to­graphs, and we may even use these in a fu­ture mag­a­zine ar­ti­cle. Im­por­tant too is that we will re­quire high-enough res­o­lu­tion pics to ac­com­pany your sub­mis­sion. The other book we are busy with is our very own ‘Oom’ Ian Theron’s mem­oirs. No, se­ri­ously. Even though our tech editor is far from re­tire­ment age, and will have many more ad­ven­tures to share over the com­ing years, we fig­ured we best start get­ting some of his amaz­ing tales down in print be­fore his mem­ory goes. Lucky for us, Ian’s wife Karin, who has ac­com­pa­nied him on so many of his ad­ven­tures into Africa, is a bit of an OCH (Ob­ses­sive Com­pul­sive Hoarder) and we have trays and trays of Oom’s old slides and even check­lists and re­ceipts dat­ing back decades to sift through. Oom is hav­ing a ton of fun too, as he sits most evenings with his pipe and a glass of some­thing strong and am­ber-coloured, re­liv­ing his Land Rover trav­els from by­gone days. We hope we will have met most of our fan­tas­tic read­ers at the 2015 Landyfest and that you en­joy this edi­tion of your favourite Land Rover mag­a­zine as much as we’ve en­joyed mak­ing it for you.

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