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I love read­ing your mag­a­zine and can’t wait for my monthly is­sue of Land Rover AFRICA Mag­a­zine. The hand­brake of my Dis­cov­ery 3 screeches when ac­ti­vated. I have heard of some hor­rific sto­ries about hand­brakes go­ing into lock mode when off-road­ing. Is there any way that I can ser­vice this unit?

- Leon Jof­fee Ed – To be on the safe side, you should strip, in­spect, and clean the elec­tronic brake pads (EBP) af­ter ev­ery off-road trip. The EPB is op­er­ated by a pair of brake shoes in­side the rear brake discs. In my opin­ion, this is a sim­i­lar sys­tem that is used on the Land Cruiser Sta­tion Wagon, which is es­sen­tially rub­bish. First the EBP should be put into ser­vice mode. With the ig­ni­tion in po­si­tion, II press the brake pedal three times and hold pedal down. Push down the EBP switch for 3 - 5 sec­onds. Go to the main fuse box and re­move FL8 fuse (pink fuse). Jack up the rear of the ve­hi­cle and place on sturdy stands. Re­move both rear wheels. Do not ap­ply the hand brake on your auto. The EPB can be ad­justed through an in­spec­tion hole in the brake disc, but be­fore ad­just­ing, re­move the disk to get to the EPB for eas­ier clean­ing. In­spect the brake shoes for wear and clean with a high-pres­sure wa­ter jet. Re­place the disk be­fore ad­just­ment. There are two ad­just­ment points. One is the Allen Key socket, and the other is the ratchet on the op­po­site side. Re­move the plas­tic plug and ro­tate the disk in the for­ward di­rec­tion un­til the hole is in line with the ratchet ad­juster. Us­ing a flat screw­driver through the hole, tighten the ratchet all the way. Then take a 32mm socket on a torque wrench and pre-set to about 60Nm. Turn the disk for­ward with the torque wrench while tight­en­ing the ratchet with one click at a time un­til the torque is reached and then re­lease the ratchet by eight clicks back. Ro­tate the disk un­til the hole is in line with the Allen Key socket and undo this by half a turn. Tap the disk with a rub­ber mal­let to re­lease the ten­sion. Tighten the Allen Key to 6Nm.

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