Toys will be toys

The term ‘boys’ toys’ must be the eu­phemism of the cen­tury, see­ing as the boys do­ing the toy­ing can only be in ref­er­ence to the sheer child­ish de­light grown adults ex­pe­ri­ence when en­gag­ing with these ‘toys’. And said toys are any­thing but toys, usu­ally co

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Look­ing for ways to un­wind or get the adren­a­line cours­ing? Staff writer Sven Hugo takes a look at some of the hottest ‘boys toys’ avail­able on the mar­ket for your recre­ational plea­sure.

That be­ing said, the ex­hil­a­ra­tion that comes from un­wrap­ping a new gift – tear­ing at the wrap­ping pa­per with aban­don or rip­ping the bow from a new ve­hi­cle or trailer – and tak­ing it for a test run never changes re­ally. It’s that same tingly feel­ing you had when putting to tar a new bi­cy­cle decades ago when you had a mouth full of milk teeth. We take a look at some boys’ toys mak­ing a big splash.

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