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When off-road­ing in the bush, the Land Rover al­lows me to get on lo­ca­tion and keep up with an­i­mals.

Greg does a lot of trav­el­ling in light air­craft and tries to keep a bal­ance be­tween hav­ing the right gear and trav­el­ling light.

“With this setup, I can shoot pretty much any­thing, from a bird to an ele­phant,” Greg says. In his kit, you’ll find the fol­low­ing: • Nikon D4S cam­era body: “I like to shoot with one body only, which is quite un­usual for pro­fes­sional pho­tog­ra­phers.” • Nikon D750: “I use this cam­era purely as backup. I don’t ac­tu­ally take it out into the field un­less I re­ally have to.” • Nikon 600mm lens: “It’s a big lens. It weighs around 5kg. Nikon an­nounced a lighter ver­sion of the lens. I’m chuffed about that.” • Nikon 80 – 400mm lens: “This lens is great for cap­tur­ing the an­i­mal in it’s en­vi­ron­ment”. • Nikon 16 – 35mm F4 or Nikon 24 – 70mm F2.8 wide an­gle lens • Lap­top • Backup hard drive • Card reader • Lit­tle bean bag • Flash • Flash bracket with cord • Small tri­pod

Do ve­hi­cles play a big part in your work as pho­tog­ra­pher?

Yes, ve­hi­cles play a big part. My pre­ferred ve­hi­cle of choice is un­doubt­edly, a Land Rover. For pho­tog­ra­phy, I find that a Land Rover’s sus­pen­sion is re­ally soft. When of­froad­ing in the bush, Land Rovers al­low me to get on lo­ca­tion and keep up with an­i­mals. It goes com­fort­ably through dips and it’s good through sand and mud. I’m a huge fan and very bleak that De­fend­ers are be­ing dis­con­tin­ued – such a clas­sic ve­hi­cle!

Your favourite lo­ca­tion to shoot?

I’d have to say the Maa­sai Mara. To get great shots here is like tak­ing candy from a kid. You don’t have any prob­lems with find­ing an­i­mals or back­grounds. There’s just a plethora of wildlife. The hard­est place I’ve pho­tographed is the trop­i­cal rain­forests in the Congo, pho­tograph­ing go­ril­las and for­est ele­phants and buf­falo. It’s very dark, and you shoot in very low light con­di­tions. But it’s so vast and wild. There’s no roads, and you have to travel on foot. It’s hot and hu­mid with loads of bit­ing in­sects. But it’s very re­ward­ing. It was great to see so much wildlife in the Congo.

Where to next?

Next trip is to the Kala­hari to pho­to­graph pan­golin and aard­vark. Af­ter that, I head to Hwange and Mana Pools in Zim­babwe. Ex­cit­ing trips ahead.

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