Mil­i­tary Pro­duc­tion Min­istry han­dles bread, sup­ply com­modi­ties sys­tem

The Daily News Egypt - - Business - By Hos­sam Mounir

The In­for­ma­tion Sys­tems and Com­put­ers Cen­tre of the Min­istry of Mil­i­tary Pro­duc­tion and the Sup­ply Com­modi­ties Au­thor­ity have signed an agree­ment, ac­cord­ing to which the cen­tre will han­dle the man­age­ment and su­per­vi­sion of the op­er­a­tion of the bread and sup­ply com­modi­ties sys­tem us­ing the smart fam­ily card.

Ac­cord­ing to Min­is­ter of Mil­i­tary Pro­duc­tion Mo­hamed El As­sar, the con­tract stip­u­lates that the Mil­i­tary Pro­duc­tion Min­istry connects be­tween the three com­pa­nies im­ple­ment­ing the is­suance of the fam­ily card and the Min­istry of Sup­ply in or­der to fa­cil­i­tate the pro­ce­dures re­quired to is­sue cards in re­place­ment of lost and ru­ined cards elec­tron­i­cally, in a process that re­quires no more than seven busi­ness days.

El As­sar added that this will take place through the In­for­ma­tion Sys­tems and Com­put­ers Cen­tre host­ing a se­cured uni­fied data­base through which ci­ti­zens’ na­tional ID num­bers can be con­firmed and it can be ver­i­fied that they are el­i­gi­ble for the sup­port.El As­sar pointed out that this elec­tronic sys­tem will save the en­ergy and time re­quired by ci­ti­zens to is­sue cards.

El As­sar stressed his keen­ness to fol­low up on the work of this sys­tem through al­lo­cat­ing qual­i­fied staff, prepar­ing a call cen­tre ser­vice to an­swer ci­ti­zens’ ques­tions, and up­dat­ing ci­ti­zens’ data—all through start­ing a web­site and mak­ing all re­ports and sta­tis­tics of the sys­tem avail­able on it.

For his part, Min­is­ter of Sup­ply and In­ter­nal Trade Ali Me­selhy said that this con­tract is a con­tin­u­a­tion of the co­op­er­a­tion be­tween the Min­istry of Mil­i­tary Pro­duc­tion, the Min­istry of Sup­ply, and the con­cerned bod­ies in the state, with the main aim of main­tain­ing the qual­ity of ser­vices pro­vided to ci­ti­zens and en­sur­ing that bread and sup­ply com­modi­ties reach the real ben­e­fi­cia­ries. He stressed his con­fi­dence in the Mil­i­tary Pro­duc­tion Min­istry’s abil­i­ties. The min­istry has been able to up­date the sup­ply cards and de­liver them ac­cord­ing to spe­cific sched­ules, as well as keep the con­fi­den­tial­ity of in­for­ma­tion pro­vided to it.

Ac­cord­ing to Me­selhy, based on the con­tract, the In­for­ma­tion Sys­tems and Com­put­ers Cen­tre is prepar­ing for host­ing the cen­tral data­base of the sys­tem in ac­cor­dance with the stan­dard spec­i­fi­ca­tions of the state to en­sure uni­fi­ca­tion and pro­tec­tion of the data and im­ple­ment­ing all de­vel­op­ment works while pre­vent­ing any breaches that may oc­cur.

Me­selhy added that he is keen on fol­low­ing up on the de­liv­ery of all the data re­quired by the cen­tre in or­der to fa­cil­i­tate the process and avoid any de­lays that may be an ob­sta­cle in the way of the sys­tem’s work, in or­der to en­sure speed and ac­cu­racy, as well as ad­her­ing to the sched­ules an­nounced to ci­ti­zens.

This con­tract aim to main­tain the qual­ity of ser­vices pro­vided and en­sur­ing that bread and sup­ply com­modi­ties reach ben­e­fi­cia­ries

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