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Save­naca Vakali­waliwa, Canada We should all re­joice be­cause Christ’s res­ur­rec­tion and the empty tomb meant His sac­ri­fi­cial death on the cross to re­deem hu­man­ity has been ac­cepted and that our curse of eter- nal death has been re­moved.

Je­sus died the sec­ond death, giv­ing all of us a choice, whether we will ac­cept the heav­enly pro­vi­sion of sal­va­tion or re­ject it and be eter­nally lost. The res­ur­rec­tion gave birth to the Chris­tian Church and con­firmed the good news (Gospel) that was first an­nounced when mankind fell to the devil’s temp­ta­tion. ( Ge­n­e­sis 3:15) Some years ago, I asked our lec­turer at Ful­ton Col­lege, Pas­tor MacDon­ald, that it does not make sense to say that Je­sus is the first fruit of those who are res­ur­rected from the grave (1 Corinthi­ans 15:20), as other hu­mans had been raised from the dead be­fore Christ’s res­ur­rec­tion. His an­swer blew me away that what­ever doubts I had about the Chris­tian faith melted. Be­fore Christ died Moses and Eli­jah ap­peared at the Mount of Trans­fig­u­ra­tion to en­cour­age Him, be­cause their very ex­is­tence in heaven de­pended on His sin­less life, death and res­ur­rec­tion. Moses rep­re­sented those who died and will be res­ur­rected while Eli­jah was taken alive to heaven.

Christ’s res­ur­rec­tion has con­firmed their eter­nity in heaven and gives us all a blessed hope. No mat­ter what our situation is in life, when Je­sus comes, those in Christ sleep­ing in the grave will be res­ur­rected and those in Christ, who are alive, will both be trans­lated for eter­nity. Moses, Eli­jah and Enoch are al­ready in heaven and soon all who have been res­ur­rected into a new life in Christ will be heav­enly bound.

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