Sky Pa­cific

Ron­ald Welsh, Pa­cific Har­bour

Fiji Sun - - Comments -

Sky Pa­cific at the mo­ment is Sky Pa­thetic. Apart from hav­ing a tech­ni­cal prob­lem of some mag­ni­tude it also has THE DRUM. This pre­cedes all pro­grammes, Woomf Woomf, Woomf Woomf, ad nau­seum, it is also present dur­ing all pro­grammes when­ever there is a pause. It in­ter­feres con­stantly. I would never have imag­ined a pro­fes­sional trans­mit­ting or­gan­i­sa­tion to be so am­a­teur­ish. I sin­cerely hope that all prob­lems and the Drum will be rec­ti­fied when Sky is taken over on the April, 1. PS: The dates a worry. April Fool’s Day!

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