En­sure oral health for a disease-free life

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It is be­lieved that di­ges­tion starts from the mouth, so yes, oral health and gen­eral health do go hand-in-hand. For ex­am­ple, one could face com­pli­ca­tions in the gas­tro-in­testi­nal tract if a ‘bo­lus’ is not formed in the mouth with the help of saliva be­fore swal­low­ing it down.

Also, oral bac­te­ria present can di­rectly af­fect the heart since it can en­ter your blood­stream.

It is also manda­tory for the den­tist to cer­tify that a per­son is orally healthy be­fore any doc­tor can per­form a surgery so as to en­sure that the bac­te­ria/in­fec­tion present, does not com­pli­cate the con­di­tion of the pa­tient fur­ther by slip­ping into the blood­stream. Be­cause of tight sched­ules and hec­tic work life one may not be able to take stock of their den­tal health.

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