How about a breast milk fa­cial to treat acne?

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The Su­per Mom Milk Fa­cial is the lat­est beauty fa­cial claim­ing to clear up adult acne and eczema. The treat­ment uses the breast milk of lac­tat­ing moth­ers mixed with white clay, laven­der and vi­ta­min E to cre­ate a paste that is ap­plied dur­ing a nor­mal fa­cial. Hu­man milk is packed with anti-bod­ies that pro­tect ba­bies from ill­ness, in­fec­tions and even asthma. This milk con­tains lau­ric acid, which helps soothe ir­ri­tat­ing skin and re­duce spots. But it is dif­fi­cult to source breast milk, so clients must book the pro­ce­dure a few days in ad­vance. We source the milk from lac­tat­ing moth­ers -for whom it is also a source of in­come -so the treat­ment is ex­pen­sive,” says cos­me­tol­o­gist Jaishree Man­chanda.

Breast milk is also used as a cleanser, makeup re­mover and lip mois­turiser. “Many women use their own breast milk to re­ju­ve­nate their tired skin. It is sci­en­tif­i­cally proven that breast milk can re­place bo­tox,” Jaishree adds.

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