A Spe­cial Day For Mums

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Chil­dren in Fiji yes­ter­day treated their mums for Mother’s Day – ei­ther tak­ing them out or just spend­ing the day amongst fam­ily and friends. In­deed it was heart-warm­ing to see all mums be­ing treated with so much love and re­spect. But one thing which comes to mind when look­ing at this is – why can’t we treat our moth­ers in such a way daily?

Af­ter all, she cooks, cleans and takes care of the whole fam­ily 365 days a year – and there is no leave ap­pli­ca­ble in her job de­scrip­tion. Even when she is sick her­self, she en­sures she puts oth­ers needs be­fore her own.

Yet we see chil­dren con­stantly dis­re­spect­ing their mums, ar­gu­ing with them and worse yet, ill-treat­ing them. When we were too sick to get out of bed, it was our mums who took care of us to en­able us to be­come strong enough to walk again. Yet why do we still see chil­dren leav­ing their mums at old peo­ple’s home or leav­ing them all by them­selves when they get too sick to do any­thing for their chil­dren. This is the time our mums need us the most so why do we leave them in such a state?

Of­ten girls defy all odds to look af­ter their mums even af­ter mar­riage. So why not treat their moth­erin-laws in the same way? Af­ter all, they are the ones who brought your hus­band into this world. We con­stantly hear of girls not treat­ing their mother-in-laws well and fam­ily con­flicts aris­ing as a re­sult.

It’s time to treat all moth­ers with the same level of love, dig­nity and re­spect. Re­mem­ber, all women will be­come moth­ers at one point in their lives. Do unto oth­ers what you want oth­ers to do unto you. If you do not treat your mums or mother-in-laws well, there will be a time when your chil­dren and their spouses will not treat you well ei­ther. So­cial me­dia has its own place. And it was in­deed very good to see peo­ple post­ing on so­cial me­dia pic­tures wish­ing their mums well on this spe­cial day. But at the same time, it was sad to no­tice peo­ple were first to pri­ori­tise post­ing on so­cial me­dia rather than mak­ing the ef­fort to ac­tu­ally wish their mums well in per­son first, espe­cially those liv­ing in the same house. What is hap­pen­ing to our per­sonal touch? There are many ques­tions which the gen­er­a­tions of to­day have to re­flect on. They need to change. Mother’s Day should not just be a once in a year thing, but rather an in­te­gral part of our daily lives. Re­mem­ber, our mums car­ried us in their wombs for nine months and de­liv­ered us af­ter so much pain which only a mother can un­der­stand.

It is thus our re­spon­si­bil­ity, to look af­ter our mums – not just once a year – but through­out our life­time.

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