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Daisy Dan­nah:

I think that maybe the car didn’t fall in the river that night , I think it was a mur­der , let’s as­sume for a minute that it was a mur­der, maybe the mur­derer waited till ev­ery­thing was back to nor­mal, the case was closed then the mur­derer made his move to dump the car in the river.

Satish Raju:

I think it was a mur­der,ok let’s as­sume 4 a minute that it was a mur­der , maybe the mur­derer waited un­til things were back to nor­mal, un­til the case died out and then dumped the car into the river aND if it was re­ally a mur­der then the mur­derer must have been re­ally smart.

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