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Save­naca Vakali­waliwa, Canada

From all the dif­fer­ent views raised in this col­umn re­gard­ing the GCC, I have come to the con­clu­sion that this body should re­main buried.

First, it is in­cor­rect to try and as­so­ci­ate the dev­as­ta­tion by Se­vere TC Win­ston to the GCC is­sue and throw in the end of 2 Sa­muel verse17 to jus­tify the claim. King David’s sin or dis­obe­di­ence caused the death of 70,000 peo­ple, which could have been saved if he had re­pented and sought God’s for­give­ness in the first place.

Se­condly, if the GCC is re­in­stated to ad­vise Gov­ern­ment on mat­ters af­fect­ing the iTaukei peo­ple, then what would be the role of the iTaukei Land Trust Board and iTaukei Af­fairs? Be­ing a body formed by the colo­nial gov­ern­ment, does its re­in­state­ment mean Fiji hav­ing a se­nate?

Is it the in­di­vid­ual iTaukei chief or the GCC as a body that is recog­nised in­ter­na­tion­ally as a hu­man right as per UN Dec­la­ra­tion of In­dige­nous Peoples and Mi­nori­ties Septem­ber 2007? Does this mean that our chiefs have ceased to be one in the last 10 years when the GCC as a body was out of ac­tion?

There has been a lot of talk re­gard­ing GCC and the man­age­ment of iTaukei land. Shouldn’t the three heads of the vanua or con­fed­era­cies sit down with chiefs and landown­ers and han­dle land mat­ters within their own vanua? In the last 10 years land and iTaukei mat­ters have been han­dled by the ILTB and iTaukei Af­fairs or by the landown­ers them­selves chaired by their chiefs. So why waste money and re­sources to get all the 250 plus chiefs to­gether just to dis­cuss mat­ters that could be solved within ones own mataqali, yavusa, itoka­toka, vanua, tik­ina or yasana? Fiji is now en­joy­ing its new democ­racy and Fi­jians are happy with all the achieve­ments so far, with­out the GCC and I be­lieve many want to move for­ward as one peo­ple on a level play­ing field. What do we nor­mally do when we are pay­ing two peo­ple who seem to be do­ing the same job?

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