10 types of peo­ple who get bet­ter jobs

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Re­search says the fol­low­ing 10 types are most likely to be gain­fully em­ployed. Do you see your­self here?

The cheer­leader: What’s a good sport with­out a happy bunch of cheer­lead­ers? All work and no pro­mo­tion, makes the com­pany dis­ap­pear in the mar­ket.

The mar­keter works in tan­dem with the founder to po­si­tion the com­pany that suits his or her vi­sion and build the brand. This per­son­al­ity type is highly as­sertive, un­der­stands ur­gency and is will­ing to gam­ble (even when the founder de­vel­ops cold feet).

The multi-tasker: So your com­pany is tiny and ev­ery­one is a bit stretched. There are some who just can’t han­dle the pres­sure, but there are few who can grin and bear it all, and can put their hands in sev­eral pud­dings all at once -be ad­min one day, and a cre­ative ex­ecu­tor the next.

Th­ese multi-taskers serve as real as­sets to smaller firms whose bud­gets are mea­gre and man­power a hand­ful.

The obli­ga­tor: What’s the dif­fer­ence be­tween an ac­com­moda­tor and multi-tasker?? The for­mer is a `will­ing per­son­al­ity’, while the lat­ter is just blessed to fo­cus on too many things at the same time.

Th­ese per­son­al­i­ties are not spine­less `yes min­is­ter’ kinds, but un­der­stand when they need to up their game, and do what­ever it takes to work with im­pos­si­ble de­mands and dead­lines.

Re­verse role player: Small firms have a strong ten­dency and lean­ing to em­ploy peo­ple who are like­minded, but HR of­fi­cials reckon that a per­son­al­ity whose views and be­liefs are op­po­site of that of the com­pany would do the lat­ter good and re­sult in growth. He/she would bring in the per­spec­tive and in­sight that own­ers would fail to no­tice.

The de­ci­sion maker: When an en­tre­pre­neur has just started off in the busi­ness, he/she is al­ways a bit averse to tak­ing big risks and mak­ing con­crete de­ci­sions. They are con­stantly turn­ing to peo­ple who can use their own judg­ment and give them sound ad­vice. Re­mem­ber, they need some­one who is not afraid to pull the trig­ger in times of dis­tress. If you’re a firm de­ci­sion maker, then you are just the per­son your boss needs by his/ her side.

The cau­tious player: Like­wise, if you’re the kind of en­tre­pre­neur who has a ten­dency to run with his /her dreams, an em­ployer who likes to play it care­fully is al­ways a good hand in the team. You need this type of per­son­al­ity as a coun­ter­bal­ance to risk tak­ers. They are risk-averse, but some­times you need such peo­ple to bring in sta­bil­ity and cau­tion you from get­ting too ex­cited and tak­ing on more than your re­sources can man­age.

The planner: A per­son skilled in draft­ing poli­cies and plan ning the next ac­tion the compa ny must take is a key mem­ber to have in the team.

Many serve as ef­fi­cient ex­ecu­tors, but few as ef­fec­tive plan­ners (who es­sen­tially run the ship). Th­ese are the guys who can iden­tify long-term goals, have a vi­sion for the fu­ture and can work on a cal­cu­lated mea­sure to get there.

The or­gan­iser: It’s one thing to be a good strate­gist, and an­other to pull it all to­gether.

The best ideas go for a toss if you do not have some­one who is tasko­ri­ented to put them into ac­tion. So if you are a mas­ter at or­gan­is­ing, then it’s im­per­a­tive to add that in your CV.

The anal­yser: While the strate­gist and or­gan­iser have their own skill sets to ex­e­cute the idea into ac­tion, it takes an ob­ser­vant kind -who has one eye firmly on the mar­kets and an­other on the ri­vals -to help you weigh the pros and cons and work ccord­ingly.

The helper: If you have wet­ted your hands in the hos­pi­tal­ity busi­ness, and are look­ing to make a switch, be sure you re­tain the `ser­vice-ori­ented’ trait in your next job, too. A per­son who has a will­ing­ness to help oth­ers al­ways makes for a great team player. They bal­ance ad­min­is­tra­tive qual­i­ties, un­der­stand ur­gency and have the pa­tience to deal with finicky clients.

Re­search says the fol­low­ing 10 types are most likely to be gain­fully em­ployed. Do you see your­self here?

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