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Wise Muavono, Lau­toka Do­ing some re­search I came across this on the in­ter­net. A good teacher does not make oth­ers look small (hu­mil­i­ate them). A good teacher laughs with you, not at you as he sees his own early stum­bles in your present ones; rather than tries to hide them, so he ap­pears su­pe­rior to you now (ashamed of his past). A good teacher tries to draw out of you what you know, what you can dis­cover or what you can do now; he does not try to over­whelm you with his own knowl­edge or abil­i­ties A good teacher doesn’t rest on his own lau­rels (isn’t lazy or neg­a­tive) but pushes him­self to learn new things as well as en­cour­ages oth­ers to do like­wise. wHe en­cour­ages you to do your best. He doesn’t dis­cour­age you from try­ing, see­ing you as a ri­val for his crown. He doesn’t en­cour­age oth­ers to bully you or do so him­self (con­trols him­self, not oth­ers).

He doesn’t be­lieve in elitism but equal­ity of souls, all strug­gling to get things right, not per­fec­tion­ists lost in com­pe­ti­tion with oth­ers but found in self-dis­cov­ery (aware of what they got wrong, so they can go on to get it right - not stuck in shame of fail­ure in the past but joy of dis­cov­ery in the present, re­leas­ing you into the fu­ture through more ef­fort).

He is quiet, pa­tient and tol­er­ant with his stu­dents, want­ing them to en­joy what he en­joys - the dis­cov­ery of new lands, new is­lands of hope. A good teacher doesn’t com­plain that you got some­thing wrong; he ex­plains why you got it wrong and com­pli­ments you on try­ing, en­cour­ag­ing you to think about it more, based on the new in­for­ma­tion/ skills he’s given you (Mr Miyagi or Bruce Lee with his pupils in real life).

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