Jar­ryd’s song

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Al­ready hit­ting the ra­dio and on­line air­waves is the new Jar­ryd Hayne song by Babu Mar­ley, pro­duced by Viti FM. Yes, yes the same singer who sang about Ben Ryan.

And here is an in­ter­est­ing verse in the song...

“Aus­tralia stop com­plain­ing... ask­ing why Jar­ryd Hayne play­ing for Fiji. How Hayne can play the Wal­laby, when your team man­age­ment never even asked him

You make it a story about his pay... all the Aussie me­dia should go away

Talk it all the time but I know he will stay It’s a Babu Mar­ley song for my friend Jar­ryd Hayne”

Love’s in the air

One of the ex­cit­ing news from the United Na­tions in­dige­nous con­fer­ence in New York this week has come from the in­for­mal ses­sions out­side the meet­ing.

It has emerged that love’s in the air. While it has been hap­pen­ing dis­cretely, the body lan­guage has given tell-tale signs.

Lost and found

A case of right hand not know­ing what the left is do­ing? Cer­tainly seems so. It so hap­pens that a per­son who has been on the miss­ing per­son list for a year, was on a wanted list of an­other po­lice depart­ment. And guess where where was he?

In jail. For a year.

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