Things to eat be­fore and af­ter your work­out

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No mat­ter what sort of work­out you fol­low, what you eat be­fore you be­gin and af­ter you’re done is very im­por­tant. So, whether you’re into cir­cuit train­ing, strength train­ing or car­dio, here are foods that you should con­sume...

Car­dio com­prises fast-paced ex­er­cises like run­ning, cy­cling or aer­o­bics. - Pre work­out: Hence, con­sume a low fat and high carb meal at least an hour be­fore you start. Ideal choices in­clude a ba­nana, glass of milk or a hand­ful of al­monds.

- Post work­out: This is the time when your body needs nu­tri­ents so that it doesn’t go low on en­ergy. It’s best to opt for pro­tein and carbs , which will help ease the aches in your mus­cles. Low fat milk, co­conut wa­ter or a smoothie are great drinks to have in­stead of sip­ping on caf­feine-filled drinks. Cir­cuit train­ing not only im­proves the strength of your mus­cles but also works var­i­ous mus­cle groups be­cause it in­volves a num­ber of ex­er­cises at rapid in­ter­vals. - Pre work­out: Fo­cus more on carbs and slightly lesser on pro­teins. Fruits are your best bet — ap­ples and ba­nanas are a good op­tion. You could also eat a mix of dried fruits about 45 min­utes be­fore your work­out. - Post work­out: This meal should com­prise very lit­tle fat. Opt for a fresh salad, smoothie, pro­tein shake or fruits.Strength train­ing com­prises ex­er­cises that use re­sis­tance in order to bring about mus­cu­lar con­trac­tion. This, in turn, will im­prove your strength and en­durance.

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