Good Sleep On A Com­fort­able Mat­tress

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ood sleep is one of the key el­e­ments for a healthy life and a higher de­gree of hap­pi­ness.

How­ever only few peo­ple are will­ing to in­vest into a good mat­tress, also be­cause the choice is very wide and it can be a very con­fus­ing and frus­trat­ing ac­tiv­ity.

To achieve bet­ter sleep, new tech­nolo­gies and mat­tress de­signs are re­leased ev­ery year. In the last twenty years, we have wit­nessed many unique changes in the type of ma­te­ri­als and meth­ods used to pro­duce mat­tresses. For in­stance, mem­ory foam has be­come quite pop­u­lar among the spe­cial­ity mat­tresses.

Many pre­fer to use in­ner­spring mat­tress

Wikipedia says that an in­ner­spring mat­tress uses a steel coil sup­port sys­tem. Man­u­fac­tur­ers of­fer sev­eral dif­fer­ent types of spring sys­tems, in­clud­ing units with springs con­nected into a sin­gle unit and in­di­vid­u­ally wrapped pock­eted coils.

An­other is the hy­brid mat­tress.

A hy­brid is de­fined by Google as a “a thing made by com­bin­ing two dif­fer­ent el­e­ments.” In the case of hy­brid mat­tresses, the two el­e­ments are old-school in­ner­spring mat­tresses and spe­cial­ity foam mat­tresses. A hy­brid mat­tress will typ­i­cally have coils (usu­ally in­di­vid­u­ally pock­eted coils) and mem­ory foam and/or la­tex on top.

Other types in­clude; wa­terbed, foam mat­tress, pil­low top mat­tress , gel mat­tress, air bed, mem­ory foam (visco) mat­tress.

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