Plas­tic toys har­bour nasty viruses

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Achild’s toys could pose a risk to their health, in­creas­ing the risk of in­fec­tious dis­eases, ex­perts have warned.

Cer­tain viruses, such as in­fluenza, could sur­vive on the sur­face of toys long enough to re­sult in ex­po­sure, new re­search sug­gests. Ex­perts tested how long a virus could sur­vive on pieces of flex­i­ble plas­tic chil­dren’s toy, a squeak­ing frog.

They were able to re­cover in­fec­tious vi­rons - com­plete par­ti­cles of the virus - from the toy up to 24 hours af­ter the toy was con­tam­i­nated, at 60 per cent hu­mid­ity. “They think about get­ting them from other peo­ple. Chil­dren are vul­ner­a­ble to con­tract­ing in­fec­tious dis­eases be­cause they put their hands and for­eign ob­jects in their mouths, and their im­mune sys­tems aren’t fully de­vel­oped.” Ex­am­ples in­clude in­fluenza and Coron­aviruses, such as se­vere acute res­pi­ra­tory syn­drome (SARS) or Mid­dle East Res­pi­ra­tory syn­drome (MERS). Source: Daily Mail

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