Deeds not words

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Tukai Lag­o­ni­lakeba, Nadi

The NFP and SODELPA have again at­tacked the Min­istry of Ed­u­ca­tion al­lo­ca­tion from our in­spir­ing and re­al­is­tic 2016-17 Na­tional Bud­get; our na­tion’s pearl farm is our ed­u­ca­tion sys­tem and its poli­cies and it has to be. If one was to look back post In­de­pen­dence, Si­tiveni Rabuka’s SVT reigned for 12 years [1987-1999] FLP’s Ma­hen­dra Chaudhry one year [1999-2000], SDL’s Laise­nia Qarase five years [2001-2006] NFP’s Tupou Drau­nidalo op­po­si­tion [in­de­ci­sive] SODELPA’s Ro Tei­mumu four years in op­po­si­tion [2014-2018] and all this holis­ti­cally equates to a to­tal 22 years of wasted time in the wilder­ness with a racist di­vi­sive lead­er­ship, cor­rupt dis­crim­i­nat­ing politics and poli­cies to­gether with their lack of po­lit­i­cal will to make the nec­es­sary Min­istry of Ed­u­ca­tional in­clu­sive poli­cies changes that should have been ben­e­fi­cial to all Fi­jian chil­dren since. In his 1987 coup, Rabuka sin­gle hand­edly de­stroyed what his pre­de­ces­sors had achieved post in­de­pen­dence from which it took the coun­try back some 50 years. But can Ro Tei­mumu, Bi­man Prasad and now SODELPA party leader Si­tiveni Rabuka ex­plain why their past gov­ern­ments had never seen fit to im­ple­ment MP Bill Ga­voka’s sug­ges­tion dur­ing their term the $110m free tu­ition for USP, FNU, UOF and tech­ni­cal col­leges then?

It is ex­actly 46 years to date post In­de­pen­dence and the Fi­jiFirst Voreqe Bain­i­marama Gov­ern­ment have for the first time in our his­tory post 2014 elec­tion im­ple­mented the free milk and Weet-Bix, free bus fares and text­books, free ed­u­ca­tion pol­icy from kinder­garten through pri­mary school un­til Year 13, TSLB for any stu­dent wish­ing to fur­ther his or her ed­u­ca­tion in­clud­ing tech­ni­cal col­leges plus the 630 Top­pers Schol­ar­ship. Now is it pos­si­ble, can the NFP and SODELPA party kindly ac­count for some ev­i­dence of their achieve­ments im­ple­mented from your re­spec­tive party man­i­festos post 2014 elec­tion and not some­thing your lot have aim­lessly hoped for, and ver­bally stood for but have yet to ma­te­ri­alise; “Deeds but not Words.” Your very lit­tle sup­port­ers left need to know.

Newly elected SODELPA leader Si­tiveni Rabuka.

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