What Type Of Microwave Do I Need?

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It’s not about get­ting the right type of microwave for your home use but rather about get­ting the right and the best microwave for the whole fam­ily to use.

There are three types of microwave:

Microwave-only (solo): a microwave that heats up and de­frosts.

Combi: can heat, roast, crisp and brown like a con­ven­tional oven.

Grill: com­bines nor­mal microwave cook­ing with a heat­ing el­e­ment.

For each type of microwave you can ei­ther buy a built-in or a stand­alone model. Built-in mi­crowaves are much more ex­pen­sive than free­stand­ing mod­els.

Microwave-only (solo) some­times called ‘solo’ mi­crowaves; these ba­sic mi­crowaves are great for sim­ple tasks, such as re­heat­ing a for­got­ten cup of cof­fee, warm­ing up soup, cook­ing jacket pota­toes or heat­ing ready meals. You can also use them to de­frost food.

A ba­sic microwave is a good op­tion if you just want to com­plete sim­ple heat­ing tasks more quickly than is pos­si­ble in a con­ven­tional gas or elec­tric oven but ba­sic mi­crowaves don’t brown food, so they’re un­able to com­pete with ovens and cook­ers on jobs such as grilling or roasting meat.

Pros: Cheap­est type of microwave, and widely avail­able with lots of mod­els to choose from and are good for sim­ple de­frost­ing, heat­ing and re­heat­ing.

Cons: Lim­ited func­tion­al­ity com­pared with combi mi­crowaves where you can’t roast or brown food in a solo microwave.

Com­bi­na­tion mi­crowaves uses con­vec­tion heat­ing (fanned hot air) and come with grills.

So you can use mi­crowaves, grilling and con­vec­tion heat­ing to cook and brown your food.

Com­bi­na­tion mi­crowaves: how to buy the best. A combi microwave uses con­vec­tion heat­ing and a grill mi­crowaves combine nor­mal microwave cook­ing with a heat­ing el­e­ment.

They can per­form all the nor­mal du­ties you’d ex­pect from a stan­dard microwave – cook­ing a jacket po­tato, de­frost­ing a ready meal, re­heat­ing your din­ner and so on – but the grill func­tion al­lows you to brown food.

And, for cook­ing more com­plex dishes, you can cook with a com­bi­na­tion of microwave en­ergy and heat from the grill. These mi­crowaves come with metal racks to bring food closer to the grill el­e­ment.

Pros: Good at per­form­ing gen­eral microwave cook­ing tasks Also able to crisp and brown food which is great for cook­ing piz­zas that of­ten come with a metal rack to bring food closer to the grill.

Cons: Don’t of­fer con­vec­tional heat­ing like a com­bi­na­tion microwave be­cause it’s usu­ally more ex­pen­sive than a ba­sic microwave.

Source: www.which.co.uk

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