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Malakai Naduva, Labasa

I be­lieve that the great tribu­la­tion is in its fi­nal man­i­fes­ta­tion. It’s hap­pen­ing ev­ery­where in the world. Vi­o­lence, wars and killings. The four spir­its sent from heaven are now work­ing as bat­tle horses cre­at­ing havoc in the whole world. They have been sent to ful­fill what is writ­ten in the sealed scroll, lamen­ta­tions, mourn­ing and woe.

They have taken peace out of the world so that peo­ple kill each other. They cause wars and ru­mors of wars. Power was given unto them to kill peo­ple of the earth through hunger, dis­eases and wars. Be­cause peace has been taken out of the world, the love of many will grow cold. The four horses were sent to the four winds of the earth.

The great tribu­la­tion will cover the whole earth and Fiji is no ex­cep­tion. We can see the works of the four horses in Fiji. There are mur­ders and killings. There is an in­crease in all forms of rape by the fathers, moth­ers and even from the Talata­las. There is vi­o­lence in the homes and fam­i­lies are bro­ken up. Peo­ple are quickly dy­ing of dis­eases in hospi­tals and in their homes. Dis­eases are in­cur­able and again new ones are emerg­ing. The life ex­pectancy is very short nowa­days. The whole world is ex­hausted in try­ing to find the rem­edy to all these woes. They shall not find it be­cause it is not man-made. The end of the great tribu­la­tion will be the fi­nal as­sault on Is­rael by the armies of the world and the de­scend­ing of the Mes­siah to pro­tect the rem­nant of his own peo­ple. The apos­tle John saw a large group of peo­ple in heaven and he was told that these were they which came through the great tribu­la­tion. The ques­tion is who shall be saved from this great tribu­la­tion? He who sent the horses said “Do not harm the oil and the wine”. Only those who have the oil and the wine will not be harmed. Now is the time for the whole world to re­pent and turn to the living God and ask him dili­gently on how to re­ceive the oil and the wine. Surely He an­swers prayers for those who ask for things that are within his will.

It is the will of God that one re­ceives the oil and the wine in order to go through the great tribu­la­tion and safely en­ter the New Jerusalem.

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