Driv­ing in Fiji

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Apete Marayawa, Tau­ve­g­avega (Ba)

This is my five cents on Driv­ing in Fiji. Your ve­hi­cle size de­ter­mines who’s right. The big­ger your ve­hi­cle you win by might! Be care­ful of driv­ers who’ll defy grav­ity Book them please be­fore they be­come a road cav­ity! A bus-stop is de­ter­mined by where-ever a bus stops

Re­gard­less of the bus-stop signs, it’s re­ally not rocket science! Now smok­ing is pro­hib­ited in Pub­lic Ser­vice Ve­hi­cles Yet Pub­lic Ser­vice Ve­hi­cles will be smok­ing back at you! Red means stop. Green means Go. It’s easy enough to fol­low Am­ber be­ware. Take real care. To some it means to­tolo (hurry)!

A hum­ble plea to all road users, safety first our char­ac­ter­is­tic

For if you fail in this lo­gis­tic you’ll be­come the next statis­tic!

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