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Jamie N Lawrence Ra­tusau

Do what­ever you wanna do...if you say that the bi­ble is fake and even God’s name then can you tell me why do Je­sus, still an­swer our prayers .... like you said scrolls were bought from the desert ok you know in the end of days the en­e­mies will come from the desert...just wait for judge­ment if this proof ain’t enough...GB!

Tu­raii Ve­sikula

for a time is com­ing when peo­ple will no longer lis­ten to sound and whole­some teach­ing. they will fol­low their own de­sires and will look for teach­ers who will tell them what­ever their itch­ing ears want to hear. they will re­ject the truth and chase af­ter Myths .... II Timothy 4:3

Al­freda Senirewa

The bi­ble don’t need de­fend­ing! It stands its own de­fence... it is a wit­ness on its own! Its our re­ac­tions to its teach­ings that make or break us and de­fine who we are as a per­son and a peo­ple!! Boohoo if he didn’t get it!! Go to an­other Holy Book, door so open!!

Avo O’Con­nor

Re­mem­ber the Bi­ble also says that Lu­cifer will pre­tend he is God he will also come as a an­gel of light and the whole world will fall by this if we look back in his­tory there was no let­ter J so the ques­tion is how did the name Je­sus and Je­ho­vah came to be wor­shiped by the sons and daugh­ters of the heav­enly fa­ther some­thing to pon­der on

Rakesh Ma­haraj

Some reg­u­la­tions are im­por­tant since re­li­gious or­ga­ni­za­tions are tax ex­empt es­tab­lish­ments, also much em­pha­sis should be laid on the sep­a­ra­tion of Church and State, one do not want it to turn it into a breed­ing ground for ha­tred.

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