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Di­wali is not only a time to en­joy the tri­umph of good over evil, it is also a great time to re­flect. As you look in awe and marvel at the beau­ti­ful lights, the many splen­did va­ri­eties of food, sweets and savouries dis­played in your din­ner ta­ble, the sparklers and crack­ers boom­ing away in the yard in the midst of your fam­ily’s laugh­ter, love and joy – and look at your­self and your fam­ily dressed in your year’s best at­tire that money can buy, and dream, and fan­ta­sise, and wish that the Di­wali evening would never end, please spare a small mo­ment or tear to re­flect and pon­der on the un­for­tu­nate. Di­wali is not a time for joy for them, but of se­vere painful mem­o­ries of loved ones who may have died, be­come sep­a­rated, or lit­er­ally not there but miles away in another land, or due to some un­for­tu­nate ac­ci­dent parted from you. These are the evenings – once in a year when you sit and re­flect on the past years when you were to­gether as part­ners and loved ones. Di­wali only ex­ac­er­bates – wors­ens – ag­gra­vates – in­ten­si­fies – the lone­li­ness and the pain and the suf­fer­ing that you feel and en­dure with a heavy heart. Also think of all those who do not even have a roof over their head and are not for­tu­nate to see, do and ex­pe­ri­ence all that you are do­ing this evening – all only a dis­tant dream to the many liv­ing in tents, shel­ter­ing in other peo­ple’s homes, or at the mercy and gen­eros­ity of oth­ers.

Think of the many liv­ing in poverty and all other un­for­tu­nate who will look up into the sky, and see the many sparkles from the fire­works. And how they dream and won­der in awe at their plight and in ret­ro­spect ques­tion the su­per be­ings as to why and how they were so un­for­tu­nate – think­ing that one blast of that fire­works in the sky could pro­vide a de­cent meal to him or her and even their en­tire fam­ily. Please, marvel as much as you like on Di­wali evening, but spare a tear and a thought! Sushil K Sharma

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