Damodar City – Taxi snag

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Sa­muela R Rareba ,

Rai­waqa, Suva

With ve­hi­cles com­ing in and out of Damodar City, al­most ev­ery now and then, and in most cases caus­ing a queue in the park­ing lot that will take ages to move; and to top it off with the num­ber of peo­ple do­ing their shop­ping there, it is with­out a doubt one of the busiest shop­ping com­plexes we have in Suva.

When this is so, it is very sad in­deed that the reg­u­lar users of the com­plex are not al­lowed to stop taxis at the road side, but to use the taxis that are based in the com­plex. Come on Damodar, we un­der­stand that the taxis based at your com­plex pay some rea­son­able amount of money to be based there, but is it not the right of the pub­lic to choose which taxi to use? Also, at most times when there is a queue in the park­ing lot, cus­tomers can not wait for taxis to come in, rather that is why they go to the road side for taxis. So, I urge you Mr Damodar, if you could al­low peo­ple to come and buy freely in the com­plex and let them choose their taxis freely.

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