Lube Oil Pro­duced From Gas Now Avail­able Here


Com­pa­nies and own­ers of mo­tor ve­hi­cles and out­board en­gines now have lu­bri­cants made from gas.

It is the lat­est tech­nol­ogy, to hit Fiji.

Pa­cific En­ergy is now re­tail­ing all such prod­ucts from Shell. Ra­j­nesh Prasad, sales and mar­ket­ing man­ager for Pa­cific En­ergy (South­west) Lim­ited, said the new lu­bri­cants were the best as this was made from gas and not crude oil. From Novem­ber 15 to 16, the Loops Tech­ni­cal Con­fer­ence at Tanoa Wa­ter­front in Lau­toka saw the par­tic­i­pa­tion of ma­jor com­pa­nies in­clud­ing those from the trans­port in­dus­try. Mr Prasad said the com­pany had in­vited ma­jor cus­tomers like FIJI Wa­ter, Fiji Elec­tric­ity Author­ity and Vatuk­oula Gold Mine. Also at­tend­ing were key cus­tomers in the trans­port sec­tor like Pa­cific Trans­port, Shree­d­har Mo­tors and ASCO Mo­tors. Mr Prasad said these cus­tomers heard first hand from Shell ex­perts who spoke on the new Shell brand lu­bri­cants for mo­tor ve­hi­cles and all types of en­gines, which were now avail­able.

“Pa­cific En­ergy, as the dis­trib­u­tor for Shell prod­ucts in the Pa­cific, is sup­ported by Shell and this was one ex­am­ple whereby tech­ni­cal ex­perts are sent to ed­u­cate the cus­tomers on the new tech­nolo­gies. “No other com­pany has done this and this was the ideal time for the cus­tomers to deal di­rectly with Shell and find out more about their prod­ucts.” Mr Prasad said the re­sponse from their cus­tomers was one of sur­prise. “They were ac­tu­ally sur­prised that tech­nol­ogy was mov­ing so fast while most of our cus­tomers have come back to us and said they were happy they made the right de­ci­sion in us­ing Shell prod­ucts, es­pe­cially the lu­bri­cants.” Mr Prasad added some of the big in­dus­try play­ers who were not cus­tomers of Pa­cific En­ergy also at­tended and have in­di­cated that now they knew why Shell was the num­ber one brand in the world over the past 10 years. He said the lat­est tech­nol­ogy were new lubes from Shell where gas was con­verted into lu­bri­cants and is in its purest form. “When you look at crude it’s hazy or brown in colour but when you look at the lube oil pro­duced from gas its clear like wa­ter,” Mr Prasad said. “It’s here in Fiji and you can buy the pure plus en­gine oil at any of our out­lets or dis­trib­u­tors.” As for ef­fects on the en­vi­ron­ment, Mr Prasad said Pa­cific En­ergy had re­cy­cling bins at Ki­noya and at some of its cus­tomers through­out Fiji.

“We col­lect used oil and re­cy­cle it and this is burnt in fur­naces such as the one at the Vatuk­oula Gold Mines,” Mr Prasad said.

Sales and mar­ket­ing Pa­cific En­ergy Man­ager, Ra­j­nesh Prasad (seated 2nd from left) with other Pa­cific En­ergy Staff at Con­fer­ence at Tanoa Wa­ter­front Ho­tel in Lau­toka.

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