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True or false: Mil­i­tary Edi­tion

1) In World War II, a Ger­man U-boat was sunk be­cause of a mal­func­tion­ing toi­let. 2) Amer­i­can com­bat dol­phins, de­ployed in the Per­sian Gulf, sur­rounded and cap­tured an Ira­nian bat­tle­ship. 3) The pen used by the mil­i­tary meets 16 pages of mil­i­tary specs. 4) At the real-life Top­gun pro­gram—the one the film was based on— there is a $5 fine for any staffer who ref­er­ences or quotes the movie. 5) The Franco-Prus­sian War ended in a stale­mate and had to be set­tled by a win­ner-take-all game of backgam­mon played by the two coun­tries’ prime min­is­ters. An­swers: 1-T; 2-F; 3-T; 4-T; 5-F

Iraqi beauty reg­i­men

Af­ter my niece re­turned from her se­cond tour in Iraq, I re­marked how beau­ti­ful her com­plex­ion looked. “What do you use on your face to keep it so smooth?” I asked. “Noth­ing,” she said. “I’ve been sand­blasted.”

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