Trade union­ists and strikes

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Dan Urai, Lau­toka

Ne­mani De­laibatiki's ar­ti­cle (FS/23/9/17) in­di­cates the lit­tle he knows about trade union­ism and trade union­ists in Fiji.

No trade union leader wants to take strike ac­tion of any kind. What Mr De­laibatiki should an­a­lyse is what led the mem­bers to push their lead­ers to such an ac­tion.

His ar­ti­cle would be viewed as bal­anced if he took the time to in­ves­ti­gate the difference be­tween a col­lec­tive agree­ment and an in­di­vid­ual con­tract. No trade union leader is paid a six fig­ure salary and public sec­tor union lead­ers don't sur­vive on mem­ber­ship fees alone.

He seems to have a short mem­ory as civil ser­vant union mem­ber­ship fees were uni­lat­er­ally stopped but trade union lead­ers in these sec­tors con­tin­ued their ser­vice to mem­bers

In fu­ture please take time to in­ter­view trade union lead­ers or mem­bers be­fore putting pen to pa­per.

Ed­i­tor's Note: Ne­mani De­laibatiki is one of Fiji's out­stand­ing jour­nal­ists. He has re­ported on trade union af­fairs for decades.

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