Fight­ing sex­ual abuse

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Save­naca Vakali­waliwa, Suva

Jimmy Swag­gart in one of his ser­mons years ago said that when the Chris­tian church low­ers its high stan­dards, the moral­ity of the peo­ple is also low­ered. When the Chris­tian Church re­gard God's moral law, the Ten Com­mand­ments as no longer bind­ing on us, we are al­low­ing the na­tion to pur­sue the lust of the flesh and dis­obe­di­ence to God with­out hav­ing any guilt. The re­place­ment of God's moral law with our own hu­man rights has re­sulted in the in­crease of gays and les­bians and the Chris­tian Church bless­ing same sex cou­ples.

With the avail­abil­ity of porn at our fin­ger­tips, cou­pled with our fallen na­tures and the so called free­dom from the moral law we Chris­tians boast; it is no won­der that older peo­ple are be­ing in­volved in sex abuse and also some young ones.

The Bi­ble is clear that in the last days Chris­tians will be in all sorts of moral­ity prob­lems, hav­ing a form of god­li­ness but deny­ing its power.

My point is, as a na­tion with a Chris­tian ma­jor­ity, we Chris­tians should first seek god­li­ness through the trans­form­ing and em­pow­er­ing power of Christ and be­come model cit­i­zens in keep­ing both the moral and state laws.

When we Chris­tians through Christ, over­come this ten­dency, urge or lust which leads to sex­ual abuse, non-Chris­tians will fol­low suit. Noth­ing is im­pos­si­ble with God and in my books; He is the best solution in fight­ing sex abuse.

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