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A-G’s email to Bi­man Prasad and copied to the me­dia:

Fwd: RE_ LEST WE FOR­GET MARHOOM S. M. KOYA Bi­man This is the AG. I write to you in your ca­pac­ity as leader of NFP. Please see be­low an email sent by your pro­vi­sional can­di­date, Feroz Mo­hammed. What are you go­ing to do about his big­otry, which I brought to your at­ten­tion pre­vi­ously , as a mat­ter cour­tesy, af­ter one of our Par­lia­men­tary sit­tings? It is ap­par­ent you didn’t do any­thing the first time and your pro­vi­sional can­di­date has con­tin­ued down this big­oted path with im­punity. Ob­vi­ously be­cause of the lack of prin­ci­pled lead­er­ship and guardian­ship. This is the type of en­vi­ron­ment you and your can­di­dates are seek­ing to cre­ate in Fiji by ac­tively be­ing in­volved or ac­cept­ing it. The un­abated con­tin­u­a­tion of such be­hav­iour demon­strates your com­plic­ity in try­ing to cre­ate a big­oted and di­vided Fiji. The per­pet­u­a­tion of such big­otry can also cre­ate an un­sta­ble elec­toral en­vi­ron­ment. Your dou­ble stan­dards and hypocrisy on such is­sues have be­come very ap­par­ent. For the sake of our coun­try I im­plore you to stop be­ing a po­lit­i­cal op­por­tunist and to di­rect all NFP can­di­dates, NFP of­fi­cials and NFP sup­port­ers to im­me­di­ately stop such di­vi­sive and un­pa­tri­otic be­hav­iour. AG ----------------

Bi­man Prasad re­sponds, copied to the me­dia

AG, Thanks for your email. I would have re­sponded to you if this was in­tended to alert me on the al­le­ga­tion against the pro­vi­sional can­di­date. How­ever, I am sur­prised to note that you have copied your email to the me­dia. I will there­fore re­spond to you through the me­dia. Bi­man ----------------

A-G to Bi­man, copied to the me­dia

Bi­man I copied the me­dia be­cause I have alerted you about such big­otry on nu­mer­ous oc­ca­sions but you ob­vi­ously failed to take any ap­pro­pri­ate ac­tion. I have now in­volved the me­dia in the hope that it will prompt you to ex­pe­di­tiously take some much needed and ap­pro­pri­ate ac­tion. Please note I will also copy this cor­re­spon­dence to the Chair of the Elec­toral Com­mis­sion and the Su­per­vi­sor of Elec­tions. AG ----------------

From Su­per­vi­sor of Elec­tions Mo­hammed Sa­neem to A-G, copied to Bi­man and me­dia:

Hon. AG Ac­knowl­edg­ing re­ceipt of the email. Vinaka Sa­neem SoE ----------------

Feroz Mo­hammed’s email

And they both are claim­ing to be hindu now as both have been ac­tively in­volved in sanatan pooja Kaiyum has laid the foun­da­tion of a mandir Just for votes they both sold their iman

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