FRA clar­i­fies on road ma­te­ri­als used for pot­holes

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Please be as­sured that we def­i­nitely are not us­ing soil or dirt.

The ma­te­rial that you may have seen in pot­holes un­der re­pair, which is not as­phalt, is a stone ag­gre­gate ma­te­rial known as AP40.

AP40 is the ma­te­rial that is used in road con­struc­tion im­me­di­ately be­neath the as­phalt layer, and there are a num­ber rea­sons why it is cur­rently be­ing used in our pot­hole re­pair works:

■ It is used dur­ing pe­ri­ods of in­tense and pro­longed rain­fall that oc­curs over a pe­riod of sev­eral days or weeks. In this in­stance AP40 is a tem­po­rary fill and is placed for eco­nomic rea­sons, it does be­come dis­lodges if the rain­fall is in­tense or per­sis­tent, but so does newly-laid as­phalt un­der sim­i­lar weather con­di­tions. AP40 is sig­nif­i­cantly less ex­pen­sive that As­phalt and can be eas­ily re­in­stated.

AP40 is also used for deep pot­holes. If a pot­hole is more than two to three inches deep, we can­not ef­fec­tively fill it with only As­phalt – As­phalt place in thick lay­ers be­comes de­formed un­der pres­sure be­cause it is a flex­i­ble filler. We use the AP40 stone to pro­vide a solid base for the As­phalt layer that pro­vides the flex­i­ble pave­ment and sealed the road struc­ture. When us­ing AP40 for this pur­pose we fill the en­tire pot­hole with the stone, com­pact it and then leave it to sta­bilise over a few days, and to be be­come more em­bed­ded by ve­hi­cle move­ment, then we re­move the up­per layer of AP40 and re­place it with As­phalt to com­plete the re­pair.

■ There was a very short pe­riod, around the Suva Penin­sula Coro­n­avirus lock-down when we were un­able to ac­cess the Rewa As­phalt Plant, so for that short pe­riod we used AP40 in some lo­ca­tions.

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