Tips for Keeping the Kani Un­der-kava

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Bula Bilo lovers, two bags back again with an­other rip roar­ing ses­sion of how to keep your kani un­der con­trol. We all know that there is just one way to stop kani and that is to stop drink­ing all to­gether. But in our special case I have a cou­ple of handy tips that will keep you on the baby and still look­ing like a baby’s bot­tom. Not only it is im­por­tant to keep the out­ward ap­pear­ance funky and upto-date but also your in­sides are the most im­por­tant one of all. The sim­ple equa­tion is this: what ever you put in you will even­tu­ally come out, so for starters we will work our way from the in­side out. THE IN­SIDE Drink as much wa­ter as you pos­si­bly can … and by this I don’t mean drown your­self. A wa­ter bot­tle is al­ways handy… keep it around you al­ways. This is to be your best friend…. Take it with you wher­ever you go… even to a gun fight un­der the vaivai tree. Paw­paw is the best way to keep your sys­tem clean. Take this ev­ery morn­ing… maybe half an hour be­fore you leave for work or home. The worst thing is to be caught in the bush with­out toi­let paper and you’re sur­rounded by via plants or the drau­nisalato. Eat when you’re sup­posed to eat. Some of us can’t eat be­fore a ses­sion… so the trick is to eat more in the meal be­fore this like lunch for ex­am­ple…… dou­ble up…. This will help you in the ses­sion and also stop you from getting ul­cers. Ex­er­cise is very im­por­tant … and I don’t mean you join a gym and go all out.. but the oc­ca­sional stretch and walk to do the do. THE OUT­SIDE Soaps: some ac­tu­ally dry up your skin badly. Again this can­not be nar­rowed down to which brands … but we re­act dif­fer­ently to dif­fer­ent soaps. Oils and creams are very im­por­tant.. oils like co­conut and the oth­ers are not re­ally the stuff you’re look­ing for … but creams are the es­sen­tial bat­tle fulla you need in com­bat. Be sure you get the one that says skin re­pair and not mois­tur­izer de­pend­ing on your cracks. EYE IR­RI­TA­TION: This may be the real bas­tard of them all and very hard to keep un­der con­trol… This is the im­por­tance of drink­ing wa­ter. Ev­ery­one gets it no mat­ter what … the best way to sooth the burn­ing sen­sa­tion is to put tea bags in the freezer for 20 min­utes and then plac­ing it over your eyes…. This is best feel­ing ever. RE­MEM­BER: En­joy the mix but keep it un­der­kava at all times. You will know what works best for you. Till next time , spin the poi­son like there’s no to­mor­row. TALO

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