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How to nail your winged eye­liner in 5 Easy Steps

Ladies! When it comes to ap­ply­ing makeup, most things are pretty ba­sic and not too tough to tackle but the bat­tle of the per­fect wing is on­go­ing. Ei­ther the wings on both eyes don’t match, it’s messy, or your liner runs onto your eye­lids. Per­fect­ing the per­fect wing can be daunt­ing. Well, have no fear ..... your girl Bula Bella is here. Here are 5 easy steps to get you the per­fect wing in less than 5 min­utes.

Step 1: Prep your eye­lids

Ap­ply con­cealer or eye primer to your eye­lids and brush over with set­ting pow­der or loose pow­der. This will help your eye­liner last longer, help the colour stand out more and most im­por­tantly it will help avoid any creas­ing of makeup on your eye­lids.

Step 2: Draw a line along your lash line

Draw a line along the lash line. DO NOT draw your wing just yet (that step comes later), for now, just fo­cus on the line along your up­per lash line. The thick­ness de­pends on the width you pre­fer so that is com­pletely up to you. Be sure to fill in the eye­liner as close to your lash line as pos­si­ble. tip: if your hand isn’t steady enough for liq­uid or creme eye­liner, line your lash line with a pen­cil liner first then trace over it with your liq­uid/creme eye­liner. tip: if you have mono­lids (I’m talk­ing to you my Asian per­sua­sion sis­ters). Draw an arch line above your lash line. Be sure that this arch line is thick enough that when you open your eyes you will see the per­fect size line. Use a creme eye­liner and al­low at least 30 sec­onds to dry be­fore open­ing your eyes.

Step 3: Ap­ply your mas­cara Step 4: Draw that wing

Once you have ap­plied your mas­cara. If you look at the eye­lashes at the very end cor­ner of your eye, you will no­tice your lashes have curled. Yes? The very end cor­ner lashes will have a lit­tle flick to it. Now take your eye­liner brush or liq­uid eye­liner and place it right on that lash (be­ing sure not to ap­ply too much pres­sure), you want the wand of your liq­uid liner to rest gen­tly above that lash. Fol­low­ing the flick of that eye­lash, draw a thin di­ag­o­nal line to­wards the end of your eye­brow. That line can be as long or as short as you like.

Step 5: Com­plete your wing

Draw a straight line (or as straight as you pos­si­bly can) from the very tip of your wing down to the mid­dle of your up­per lash line. tip: keep that eye closed as you do this. Place your in­dex fin­ger at the end of your eye­brow to help stretch out any loose skin. tip: eye­liner should be thinnest at the in­ner cor­ner of your eyes and grad­u­ally get thicker as it leads to the wing. Now you can fill in the liner or make it thicker if you like and voila. You now have the per­fect wing in less than 5 min­utes. I will say this, it takes a lit­tle pa­tience and some prac­tice but once you get it, you will be rock­ing your winged eye­liner like a pro.

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